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From scuba diving’s US beginning in 1950, we now have a history with three generations of underwater enthusiasts. That history is rich with stories tracing the technical advances in equipment and training as well as the pure adventures discovered and pursued by North Pacific scuba divers.

Our diving history is in the hands of those who experienced it as well as those thoughtful divers who preserve it through the Northwest Diving History Association. The time is now for the old timers to record their unique experiences and for the newer diving generations to support and continue this worthy endeavor.

Our mission is to record and preserve the history of the people that contributed to the development of scuba diving in the North Pacific Region. We are working to establish a museum to display vintage diving equipment, photos, magazines, books and artifacts that define our diving history. We also offer educational programs, and a traveling museum featuring the history and evolution of diving in our region.

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Diving off the Oregon Coast

Arcadia Publishing has officially released the book “History of Diving on the Oregon Coast”. It is available now directly from our website.

Diving off the Oregon Coast showcases the images of a few diving pioneers, early and current dive stores, the beautiful coastline, and the colorful world underwater.

Authors Floyd Holcom and Tom Hemphill have enjoyed diving many sites along the Oregon Coast, from the countless offshore islands and reefs of the southern coastline to the northern coast at the Tillamook Head lighthouse.

For more information and to order your autographed copy, please click here.

“The photos beautifully capture the underwater world and all the life that makes the ocean their home, and I enjoyed seeing some of the older gear divers wore in the early days of diving. I’m impressed at the quality of photos, obviously taken long before modern digital cameras and powerful strobes were available.”

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